Before heading out of town last week, I entrusted a simple task to our crack team of Photoshop-savvy space outlaw readers — put The Guardians of the Galaxy in all of the games. Now they are. Excellent.

After a bit of a bummer of a homecoming, today was greatly brightened by going through all of your entries to pick out there very best. As fate would have it, I stumbled upon omeanizot's entry just as the concentration of Persona-loving Kotaku writers in our chat room was at its daily peak, and the winner was chosen.


That doesn't mean the rest of you aren't winners. You're just all losers — you know, people who've lost something. We should band together and do a little good, and a little bad.

Here's the rest of the good right here.

Spencer — because who better to guest star in Star Fox?

Bob — for imagining a much better game.

Oopth — for the road less traveled.

MrDeadScott — overruled!

KBABZ — because he'd really fit right in.

Antoineandtheblows — because he's freaking adorable here.

piegobbler — because Grootacoon is the best.

Finaldo — because it's dangerous to go it alone.

Otheym — we're going to need a bigger arcade cabinet.

Divyansh — GUARDIANS mode. I get it!

Arch Duke Maxyenko, Now With — the modders will get to it.

thelordofboxes — because I got the conga on the brain.

MurmuringJoey — for I Am Groot.

ladyrose — for the lovely visualized comic name origin.

32_Footsteps — noooooo, not the territorial oak!

Kaleb J. — because that's one f***ing weird tree.

Orionsangel — because OMG CUTE.

SteveFish — because I don't see why not.

betabri — I, too love how he made them low-res.

uscg_pa — because you have no idea how much I want this.

ThePersonWhoPostedThis — because raccoons live landfills.

Chrury Sanson — because oh yes please yes.

JurassicBark — for Kanye.

JustWaitingForAMate — because I peed a little.

sciteach — because it's weird. You're weird, sciteach.

DethDonald — for being hooked. On a feeling.

WaxinmyHead — because it feels so right.

NellChan — I am Deku.

The_Green_Smile — because screw that dog.

barfalamu11 — because Putt-Putt.

And of course...

omeanizot — for the win!

Tune in next Sunday, when the 'Shop Contest returns to its regular schedule.