Last week I asked Kotaku's image manipulation community to send an innocent holiday icon to hell. Since then I've been having nightmares involving rabbits. So yeah, probably a bad idea.

Some of you went with the classic shooter, Doom. Others took the Diablo or Silent Hill route. There was even a Flappy Bird entry in there, but of course I wound up going with an old film again, because dammit, Fahey. I guess dman247's entry simply outshone the rest. It's a shining example of image manipulation. IT'S FROM THE SHINING.

Let's hope tomorrow's 'Shop Contest features a topic less nightmare inducing. Maybe something out of this world. It may require a little digging. I am really bad at subtle hints.

In the meantime, let's see what sort of hell our featured readers put the Easter Bunny through this week.


Angust69 — For being the most nightmare-inducing, What the hell, man?

Jeff — For the second-most nightmare-inducing image.


blastingzone — for Doom art.

fresh1 — for going above and beyond.


mad78 —for speaking the truth.

Ginger Snap — for leaving out the jet pack.


anshin — for the creeps.

mulled0220 — for the shit risotto.


Mrlukeherb — for Doom game graphics.

JustWaitingForAMate — for opening the box (we came).


feloniusmax — for celebrating the journey.

Diraan — for a better Diablo III expansion.


arniejolt — for Ravenholme.

Taurenrider — for the souls.


uscg_pa — for the worst sort of hell.

Orionsangel — because of course.


U.I. 2.0 — for staying toasty.

Ganonthegreat1 — for an eggscellent first attempt


theomeganerd — for sepia hell.

Born-to-Chill — for reminding me this game exists, dammit.


and dman247 — for the implications of this image.

That's the winner and sub-winners for this week! If your image didn't make the cut, you were robbed and should write an angry letter to Tina Amini.