Once a year the Easter Bunny travels the various planes of existence, delivering delicious candy to all the good little girls and boys. They're easier to find in some places than others. Oh stop crying, it's just a Photoshop contest.

That's right, in honor of Easter Sunday we're sending the Easter Bunny to hell. He's a pan-dimensional being, so he'll be just fine. You should have already gotten your candy by now anyway.

Before you all start grabbing Diablo and Dante's Inferno screenshots, keep in mind that for many hell isn't a place, but rather an idea. They say war is hell, for instance, or waiting in line at the DMV, or having to curate a weekly Photoshop contest. They say that, not me. I love this.

I'll start you out with an iconic image from the classic TV special "Here Comes Peter Cottontail." Use him, or pick another depiction of the Easter Bunny. As long as he goes to some sort of hell, I'll be happy.


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