The weekend before last I asked our readers, as I do every year, to give us their vision of what E3 2016 might look like. Many of their entries were eerily accurate, and by that I mean not at all accurate, but highly amusing.

This week’s winner, Ginger Snap, combined the growing trend of virtual reality with my crippling fear of spiders to create the sort of E3 experience I would never, ever attend of my free will. For those of you who missed the inspiration, the office in the shot comes from a VR experience called Arachnophobia, which I tried out earlier this month for some stupid, stupid reason.

The rest of this week’s winners are much less spider-centric, I assure you. We’re these real E3 awards, we’d put a sticker on your booth or something. Game developers love booth stickers.

Kotaku’s Best Of E3 2016 ‘Shop Contest Awards


AlwaysMakingBurners gives us what looks to be some sort of E3 for Antz.

Eriksan keeps it simple and to the the point.


MakoSucks delivers one of several Pachinko-themed entries.

Pronoxis reminds us that the blue sign has been changed as well.


neoniousdx made me pee a little with this one. It’s stupid, but I peed.

Anas AlHakim seems distracted by something.


Kurohei gets this over with.

Andreasng disguises the convention as a Street Fighter promo video.


DistractedObserver knows what I like.

Sciteach with the old-school alien invasion.


Mrichston with the slightly less old-school alien invasion.

OniMask had us at “Not next year either.”


I’m not sure I would hate this, 00thestonecreek.

At Risk Asterisk imagines a far less charming Hodor.


Dedwan keeps the show honest.

Exovedate went a little crazy with the VR head.


SteveFish’s Skate 4 dreams have already been crushed. Perhaps if he’d called it Sk4te.

How we’ll attend E3 in the future, courtesy of sitec.


But was it ever really, Oldtype? (Yeah, a bit.)

rogueIndy takes us back to the get it.


I’ll see what Totilo can do about Dark Cloud III, MrDeadScott.

Don’t be sad, My other car was the other woman, it was all just a dream.

And finally, this nonsense from Ginger Snap for the win!


We’re skipping the ‘Shop Contest this week while we do all of this E3 nonsense, but we’ll be back this weekend for something fresh and new.