There is no way in hell the official Tetris movie will surpass the greatness of the mock-ups out readers put together in our second most-recent Photoshop contest.

First off I’d like to thank occasional ‘Shop Contest winner Ben “GiantBoyDetective” Bertoli for slipping in a quick contest while I was off over the long weekend, even if every entry was a shoe-in. Hahahaha. Hahaha. Ha.

Speaking of shoe-ins, one Tetris entry dominated the stars of our readers more than any other, and I share their appreciation. SomeForeignGuy’s tribute to the 1902 film A Trip to the Moon was too perfect not to perch atop this post. The creepy moon face is a little less creepy today. Just a little.

Of course, one piece does not a Tetris make, so here are 20 more. Unless you’re really bad at the game, that should be more than enough to stack into four rows.

This Week’s Tetronimovies


Dedwan’s entry just creeps me the hell out.

Hundredgunner color coordinates.


Urrok reveals that Harry is really a z-block.

Kireek was trying to tell us something, but Batman shot him dead.


Speaking of bad superhero movies, Mrichston highlights the four cubes of Apocalypse.

I think I remember the game, NOTELTTIL.


MrDeadScott finds the perfect space for that I block.

z31t knows that all any movie needs is Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.


Green Monkie gets the Jaws music stuck in my head.

Gene Jacket gets a spot due to the tagline Pixels should have went with.


sciteach might have gone a bit heavy on the LEGO, but the Russia theme is solid.

SteveFish pictures a more colorful version of Skyfall.


Kcity reimagines another classic.

I was expecting this one. det-devil-ails delivered.


ThatGuyFromThatOneTime gives us a hive of blocks and villainy.

Pete wins the pun title of the weak award.


AlwaysMakingBurners makes me long for a movie called Well, Shit.

If only the real Tetris movie could be as good as The Dude’s entry.


Articulated Heroines turns Tetris into a romantic comedy. Awwww.

TheDrot knows only Chris Pratt could make this movie work.

Congratulations to this week’s winners. Be sure to check out the original post, packed with entries you may have liked better. The join us this weekend for another fun-filled journey into the wonderfully twisted minds of our readers.