We’ve gone just a tad Stardew Valley crazy here at Kotaku, but that’s okay—so have plenty of other folks. So much so that the pixels have started bleeding into real life scenes of rural living. Or at least they will have once this week’s ‘Shop Contest is done.

Update 3/9/3026: Whoa-oh, we’re halfway there. Some amazing entries so far. Seriously. Scroll down and look at them. See you on Saturday.


After last week’s Pokemon nonsense we’re taking a break on the farm, getting in touch with simpler times. Plowing fields, milking cows, 16-bit graphics, that sort of thing.

This week’s task is pretty simple as well. Just grab a handful of Stardew pixels and place them in real world situations, preferably those involving farming or socializing or spelunking or whichever.

Cut the sprites out of a screenshot or grab one of the character sprite sheets over at the Spriter’s Resource. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn how to make pixel comics like it’s a decade ago. Simpler times indeed!

If anyone wants to drop some large sprite PNG files into the comments to help out, we’ll drop a special shout-out in the winners post next weekend.


You’ve got until the crack of dawn next Saturday morning. Let’s get farming!

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Cow image via Shutterstock Photo

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