And so a last-minute idea results in one of the best Kotaku ‘Shop Contests ever, with so many excellent entries there was no way I could pick one for the top. So I picked three.

Is it a cop-out? Yes, yes it is. But it’s really the fault of our Photoshop-savvy readers, so blame them. I mean, how was I supposed to choose between sciteach’s Machamp chokehold . . .

. . . Cartoonivore’s battle of the fighting types . . .

. . . and Tori’s painfully excellent right hook?

What’s that? Random number generator? Coin flip tournament? Throwing darts? Informal polling of my co-workers? Well damn, where were you with all of these suggestions before I started putting the results post together?


Of course just because I picked three top-of-the-post winners doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of lower-in-the-post winners as well. Let’s take a walk down Pokken Tournament-meets-UFC lane and meet our friendly, face-punching neighbors.

This Week’s Contenders

Doctor Nein continues to test the boundaries of our image size requirements.
Not sure I like the look on Lapras’ face here, Mrichston.
Arch Duke Maxyenko combines all the good things here.
SeaBeastRising lives up to his name.
I just really love the Monster Energy logos in billysan’s.
At Risk Asterisk gives us what looks like an At Risk Magikarp.
realFionaApple gives us the softer side of the UFC. Awww.
MrDeadScott catches his first fighting type.
Ginger Snap ruins Bock for me forever.
DistractedObserver is just waiting for Gonzaga to grow another set of arms.
The_Green_Smile knows Pikachu is always in Rousey’s corner.
Oh god, what have you done, mealypotatoes?
Of course SteveFish chooses a water type.
Armyofbob puts Ronda gently to sleep.
Pikachu Libre always wins, courtesy of Sylverfyst
Whiskeyjack09 goes the old school route, with amazing results.
Zenthetic’s entry disturbs me on many levels.

Not going to recap the top winners this week. If you’d like to see them again, there’s a handy scroll thing on the side.


Wonderful job, everyone. Seriously, one of the best. There’s no way I can top this tomorrow, so tune in then for something boring and horrible.