Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Pokken In The UFC

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Apparently I wanted to see Pokken Tournament and UFC 2 mashed together so badly that I couldn’t stop with just one image. Perhaps you nice people can help.

Update 3/16: We’re halfway there, and the entries so far have been exquisite. You’ve got three more days, make them count!

Two fighting games arrive this week, one based in reality, the other based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But as documented Pokemon fan Ronda Rousey’s Pikachu cosplay demonstrated, the line between real life and reality can get really, really thin. Thin enough to be easily pierced by clever image manipulators.


So pierce it. Find some Pokemons, they catch some UFC fighters in real or virtual action, and make them kiss fight. Post your image in the comments section, and then come back next Saturday to see who survives the ensuing battle.

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