Last week I asked our image manipulation to rectify the egregious lack of actor Kevin Spacey in games other than the new Call of Duty. Now we have too much Kevin Spacey. See for yourself.

This week's big winner is the ever-amazing Ganonthegreat1. His entry is incredibly subtle, and I should probably explain it.


The rest of this week's winning-ish entries aren't nearly as nuanced, but just as entertaining.

This Week's Spotlight Entries

MrydiNN — because this is pretty much perfect.

kanellos — this is also pretty much perfect.

DashM0ney — for the quote, really.

Chrury Sanson — For got-damn Gabriel Knight.

Puppetpal — for being topical.

NellW42 — for standing by the Xbox 360 no matter what.

KrylonShadow — for being simple and elegant.

Kcity — for breaking out the filters and Leisure Suit Larry.

NellChan — there were others like it, but none with that hair.

Sebastian Sciani — because this one had to be here.

arniejolt — because he really fits.

Cutthroat Bill — because I really love this one.

uscg_pa — because it makes me hurt in my soul.

thegregarious — because Staring at Goats Simulator is hilarious.

bafarlamu11 — because this is the last time you can ride on really old-school learning games. Until the next time.

Nick Gapp — because you almost couldn't tell.

halfbeast — Dead Spacey... hee.

KLR_Steve — for being very clever.

ihsus — it's all about the scan lines here.

billysan — for four times the Spacey.

Fizziks — for the obligatory pregnant Spacey.

Kat Callahan of Jalopnik — for being Kat Callahan of Jalopnik.

sciteach — but can Spacey play the alien instead?

blazeeeee1 — but the text should have been changed to Spacey!

GiantBoyDetective — for being a clever lad.

Cheddarface — moar puns!

osimov — for blending the tones.

Zohaibman72 — awwwwwwwww.

and, of course...

Ganonthegreat1 — for the win!