PlayStation Move is a month from release, Yet many are still unsure how to properly play it. "Should I use PlayStation Move to hit the furniture?" they're wondering. "Should I hit other people with PlayStation Move?" Let's help them out.

Your assignment: build on Androsko's hilarious how-to of last week. He's started with nine, including a cogent warning about Move's efficacy against "a dracula." Surely that's fertile ground for you creative kids to plow.

Source Image: PlayStation Move Instructions by Androsko.

Update: Androsko's sent us his original vectored warning graphics source, which should help everyone make more better comedy.

Source file: Vectored PlayStation Move Warning Graphics, by Androsko.

You know the drill; post your submissions in the comments below - do not email them to me. By that I mean stop emailing them to me, and don't email them to me. I'll round up the 20 best that were posted in the submissions below and not emailed to me, and put them in a gallery next Saturday.


Get to it!

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