Last week Nintendo released a series of publicity photos of Mario and Luigi celebrating Mario Kart 8 toys at McDonald's just in time for our weekly 'shop contest. The results are in, and I'm lovin' them.

There were so many strong contenders this week, from Mario at Blimpies (kind of) to the Last Supper to an entry by [A] I felt too uncomfortable about to choose and a rousing work of pure patriotism that inspired one commenter to write a song. To me you're all winners, except for those who lost.


As for who won this week, GiantBoyDetective's simple additions to the picture above had me giggling at that poor girl's fate all week. Sometimes it's the little things.

Here are all of this week's finalists, in order of imagined height.


Dragon XVI — because I once did this with the Trix rabbit.

Bob — because Sonic lol.


ChosenCharacter — because damn that's inconvenient.

Mazington — for the humanity.


DethDonald — mainly because his handle sounds like the evil opposite of McDonald's.

TheNix — because they got served.


piegobbler — because I didn't specify.

Arniejolt — we'll need to raise $17,000 for the reason.


Brandon0151 — for being sequential about it.

KBABZ — for masking around the flag this time.


FazerGS — because screw water, yo.

mac46 — for the amazing callback, and sounding like a Big Mac.


marr0w — for taking it to step three.

MrDeadScott — for that poor, poor man.


JurassicBark — for staying forever in denial.

ovencravers — because today I ate POISON.


thelordofboxes — because ARRRGGHHHHHHHH!

MurmurringJoey — for the lingering nightmares.


mulled0220 — because any lane, any time is my motto.

Tynee — for making creepy box into even creepier box.


Velthaertirden — awwwww.

uscg_pa — for reminding me of the true spirit of 'shop contests.


Cartoonivore — because this is probably a lot less creepy than I am making it out to be.

NellChan — for the best gift of them all.


Liniert — for keeping it simple and elegant.

Ellen J Miller — for continuing a proud tradition of creepy food thieves.


My Other Car Was The Other Woman — because if I have to live with this, so do all of you.

Jezze cg — for the cool retro vibe.


Ganonthegreat1 — because I thought they tasted funny.

Justin C. Ferguson — for inspiring Ellen J. Miller's song, pasted here in its entirety.

When Thwomps come crashing down, and you shrink in size /

Ya' gotta grab a shroom, it don't help to hide /

If you hurt Yoshi, then you hurt my ride /

I gotta rescue Peach, this I can't abide /

I am a real American, fight for the rights of every fan /

I am a real American, fight for what's right, for extra lives!


Greg the Mad — for almost winning, if not for my weariness of Luigi's death stare.

...and of course...


GiantBoyDetective — for the win!