Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Makin' License Plates Edition

Alright, I promised a more accessible 'Shop Contest challenge this week, and though this one is also automotive in theme, it should lend itself more to one-off wisecracks and dry humor than last week's NASCAR idea.

Earlier this week, someone snapped a picture of a car bearing the North Carolina license plate GRSOFWAR (above) and wondered if it was Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer of the Gears of War series at N.C.-based Epic Games. Nope, Bleszinski told Kotaku, he drives a sports car of an, ahem, higher caliber than some Porsche Boxster (its an LP560 Gallardo Spyder.) But let's have fun with this anyway.


Your mission: Build a suitable video game-themed vanity plate. Doesn't have to be for Bleszinski - pick any character, developer, personality well known to the medium. You can either give us a straight plate shot, or pick a vehicle suitable to your subject's personality and slap one on it. For the cars, you're on your own with Google image search. For plates, the following might help.

Source Material: PlateShack - library of license plate images spanning all issues of all U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

And now for the boilerplate to the license plates: Post your submissions in the comments below. They're a great way to get your commenting account approved and even starred. I and the other starred commenters will promote as many as we can so that folks can see them. And the 20 best get rounded up in next Saturday's gallery. Start 'Shoppin'!

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