Undaunted by the seeming shortage of Majora's Mask limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles hitting North America on February 13, our Photoshop-savvy readers made their own, resulting in possibly the largest number of entries in 'Shop Contest history, all of them gorgeous.

When I say they are all gorgeous, I mean it. Nearly every single entry in last week's contest was an obvious labor of love. In fact, I went back through the comment section and approved every single grayed-out entry, so once you're done here be sure to check out the original post for all of these glorious results.

Judging by reactions in that post and my own beating heart, there was a clear winner this week at least, and that was sciteach with his riff on the original gold Nintendo cartridge for the first The Legend of Zelda game. It concentrated all the love in one spot.

Normally I pick 20 or so entries to spotlight along with the winner. This week it's more like 40. You people are the best.

This Week's Amazing Runners-Up

Matt-FyreUK — for using his various DeviantArt-istic talents to take my breath away in purple.

vein11 — for camera nipples.

Revillution — for three simple words.

Kirito — for one of my favorite art covers.

Marisa Ross — for her striking folk art take.

Alkaline420 — for rocking that awesome yellow and green.

FalkonLink — simple and beautiful.

Robotaino — for the clever treasure chest design. Bonus if it plays that sound...

angryangryasian — for the second best integration of the 3DS XL cameras.

Garougarudo — he made the mask himself. So much purple in this contest.

HigherQuality — for the "What if TeeFury made New 3DS XLs?" version.

exilehunter — for a sweet and simple pattern.

Arel — for my favorite "You've met with a terrible fate" riff.

Stevec — for one of my favorite interior designs.

SMJ — for a lovely scene from Link's Awakening.

NintendoJR — because sometimes black and white is best.

BonStobbe — because that Bomber's Notebook.


MarkoDeeJay — for a very bold sort of gold.

Brandon — because we need more sketchy pen and watercolor art on our consoles.

Mr Marsu — though it reminds me of a '70s van airbrush, it's still pretty sweet.

Nobody Ever — for one of my favorite Wind Waker designs.

preparetodrop — purple and creepy. That's Majora's Mask all right.

DistractedObserver — because I said so.

Zenrova — because damn that's pretty.

coldkick — because it's almost rosy pink.

PonchosSweater — for the special terrifying edition.

curugon — for going all Creepypasta on us.

Gene Jacket — for making his own damn Majora's Mask New 3DS XL the only way he could.

LordCorgi — for the obligatory Lonk.

Czuhc — for for waking the Wind Fish.

MTRichardson01 — because he paid me off (comment joke)

Taurenrider — but only if it comes with a tiny pixel Link holder.

GiantBoyDetective — because sploosh.

Adropofvenom — because fuck yes.

Hyrule Worriers — for my second favorite Wind Waker design.

ArdillaNegra — because we didn't get nearly enough moon.

Greg the Mad — for bringing sexy back.

Ginger Snap — for keeping things simple and sexy.

Lanception — because I can never choose between blue and purple.

SNoshery — because it's watching us.

toolsoldier — for my favorite Wind Waker edition, even if it's a bit busy inside.

And of course...

sciteach for the win!

Come back later today for the next Kotaku Shop Contest, which shouldn't take nearly as long to judge.