We know where Mario Kart 8 is right now — on the television set of nearly everyone with a Wii U — but last week the game was all over the place, thanks to the magic of our weekly 'Shop Contest. Too bad we had to hide the real winner.

That's right, this week there's a second place winner taking the top image spot. Why? For one, sciteach's excellent Driving Miss Daisy riff demonstrates why he took the top spot in last week's contest. And then there's the fact that I couldn't in good conscience leave the real winner's image enlarged at the top of the site for an entire evening. That's right, the real winner is this image right here:

Damn you, Brandon0151. With 178 stars and so many horribly dirty feels, your casting couch session between Peach and Luigi wins the day. Had it been graphic I might have disqualified it, but everyone's clothes are on. Well, except for Yoshi, and we can't see his hands either, you sick bastards.


If you don't understand the couch reference, then good for you. Just trust me. You are a rare and special person. Let's check out the rest of this week's top entries!

theomeganerd — for reminding us about the other game that came out last week.

AnxiousLogic is a contrarian. — for my personal favorite.

Big Johnny Doe — for the need for slow, constant pressure to the gas pedal.

greatpaperclip — for giving new meaning to Daisy Dukes.

arniejolt — because yeah, pretty much.

Tinsweep — for that neck. It haunts me.

Okami — for the cuteness.

CheekyDesign — for the confusion.

Aaron Kaiser -- because actually that would be a pretty boring track, but the music would be lovely.

Juhshin — for the reflection on the hood of the car.

MrDeadScott — for Torque. Really? Torque?

theoreticalsam — for the memories.

uscg_pa — because I really want this to happen.

Slider — because this actually makes a lot of sense.

bafarlamu11 — if the red sneaker fits.

[A] — I'll remember this.

Jimarm — because I watched him do this.

FazerGS — because you can never have too much Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Dylan Sunkel — because I had the same idea.

tronfan — hahahahahaha.

jdzindzio — no no no no no.

slopperson — for Nic.

sciteach — for getting it right the second time.

and finally...

Brandon0151 — for showing us how many people know exactly what this couch represents.


If you didn't make the cut, either someone else did your idea better, I ran out of time picking winners, or you did not adhere to the 636 pixel width minimum rule, now strictly enforced. With so many amazing entries, I gotta trim it down somehow.

Come back tomorrow for the next Photoshop race!