The helmeted skull logo of Kojima Productions may have an official body now, but the unofficial ones created by our readers for last week’s ‘Shop Contest are much, much cooler.

The official look revealed by Hideo Kojima earlier this week is nice and all, if you’re into the puffy, Doctor Who Silence in the Library sort of look.

Hey! Who turned out the lights?

Still, I prefer what our readers did both before and after they had something official to go on. Like this week’s overall winner, Shigmaya64, who rushed out an entry based on a classic Disney short and won the hearts and stars of the community.

But Shigmaya64's Skeleton Dance was but one of a metric ton of entries. I’m going to highlight what I felt were the top 20 or so here, but I urge you all to hit up the original ‘Shop Contest post and go through all of the entries. There are so many good ones. I went through and starred as many as possible there, so if you see a favorite there, drop it into a comment here to share with the group.

This Week’s Top 20, Not Counting The One We Already Put At The Top Of The Post. This Is A Really Long Subheading.

Damien Fate, creator of fine Second Life airships and clothing, looked at the logo from a different angle.

Mrichston, who I always read as Mr. Ichston, crafted my favorite of many Skeletor entries.

Cartoonivore went for the classic overweight movie director look.

At Risk Asterisk gives us stupid, sexy Kojima Productions.

Sciteach’s Voltron entry kicks all the ass. I have the theme song stuck in my head now. Stupid sexy theme song.

Speaking of kicking ass, KamenKachop’s Scorpion is a thing of beauty. Also death.

Half’s entry is something we can never unsee.

MrDeadScott is ready to give those damn crows a horrific surprise.

Dedwan deserves a spot on the list for the sake of science.

Sora Hjort wins by right of Mischief Makers reference.

Vandals856 did an amazing job giving the Kojima helmet a Dark Souls makeover.

Lemonman makes me want to pull out my Mystery Men HDDVD, then put it away because the HDDVD player is long gone.

Santochilango’s entry says weird things about Cubone’s dead mother.

KaijiroCW must have discovered my secret love of Skullomania.

Hatandous declares this Kojima-ween.

Misiopuchatek just did this one to make me have to spell out their name. I might have it wrong, but I tried really hard.

BurkusCat got all animated on us.

Ginger Snap’s body just makes sense.

Barrel_Trollz goes for the obvious comparison everyone else missed.

And finally OCELOTR’s entry was okay, but then he added Konami to the cross.

Join us tomorrow for another magical Kotaku ‘Shop Contest, which will probably not be about beans.