Oh Chewbacca, we can’t stay mad at you. Halfway through our frustration-fueled Photoshop attack on Loopin’ Chewie the love shined through.

And what better love to signify this than the love for a complete breakfast, including a heaping helping of lharm’s ‘Shop Contest entry, Froot Loopin’ Chewie.

Even with its strange language and lack of nutrition information, Froot Loopin’ Chewie was the stand-out favorite, so I poured you all a heaping bowl.

While you eat, check out the rest of this week’s entries!

Also Part Of This Nutritious Breakfast


cecil_banon — for sending us down that holiday road.

Stark — for finishing that for us.


Hylian99 — for an excellent first entry.

FlyingDorkProd — for totally wrecking it.


sillstaw — for mixed media

Mrichston — because this is what I would be doing were I Chewbacca.


Ridureyu — he’s a squid now!

DistractedObserver — for serious science fiction characters playing with toys.


Dan Seitz — for reminding us it could be worse.

MrDeadScott — wooo Splash Mountain!


The Amazing Taurenrider From Canada — because that’s not nice.

Spaceludes — for giving the Kotaku Fish some competition


Brandon0151 — for an excellent idea.

Franz Lundquist — for explaining that hair.


Osimov — for BALLS IN SPACE.

AlmightyDuke — because he just fits there, doesn’t he?


Gorillinator — I would just type out the theme song here but I can’t.

sciteach — for the ‘shop and the ‘shop idea!

And of course...


lharm — for the win!

Join us tomorrow morning for another spicy seasonal ‘shop contest!