Kotaku 'Shop Contest: It's Loopin' Chewie's Fault

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Force Friday turned out to be a bust for many hopeful collectors, so we’re going to take out our frustration on an innocent. Sorry, Loopin’ Chewie.

Reader and frequent ‘shop contest contributor sciteach directed me to Hasbro’s Star Wars version of board game classic Loopin’ Louie, and my own disappointment with the way collectors were shafted during Force Friday came shining through.

I was 15th in line, and when I got to the shelves there was this one couple grabbing everything they could and stuffing it into their cart. Then they wandered off to a quiet area of the Toys R Us and sorted it all out into piles, ensuring they had no more than six of each figure (three per person).


Meanwhile, after grabbing a few LEGO sets (go black X-Wing!) I found a six inch Star Wars Black Series Rey (with BB-8) sitting on a random shelf—someone’s leftover. I went back to the Star Wars aisle, where a young teen was going through his meager haul with his dad. He had two of the six inch Black Series figures, but said “I wish I’d gotten Rey.” So I handed him mine and bought a plastic lightsaber instead.

Maybe I should have gone for something blue or green.

Anyway, frustrations felt, outlet needed, and here we have this.

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Go crazy. Maybe try and keep it relatively PG-13 rated. I know it kind of looks like Chewbacca is sodomizing the Falcon, and those panicked Stormtroopers seem completely terrified for some reason.

Look, Loopin’ Chewie—someone has to take the fall for this one, and everyone else is sold out. Sorry about this.


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