Last week I tasked our lovely community with dressing up their favorite video game images for the holidays. There are many wonderful entries besides Christmas Tree Pyramid Head, but come on—it’s Christmas Tree Pyramid Head.

I celebrate Gorillanator’s winning Silent Hill entry with a song.

Dashing through the hills / trying to find my missing adopted daughter, through the fog we go / into festive slaughter / bells on Pyramid Head ring / filling us with fright / oh what fun to slash and...oh never mind, Konami cancelled it.


That’s sung to whatever turn you feel like. You are all creative individuals, I’m sure you’ll find the sweet spot.

Here’s the rest of this week’s best entries. Remember kids, images must be 800 pixels wide or they won’t make the cut!

Here Comes The Runners-Up

GuessTheNameOfTheGame — for Santa’s little “helper”


thegamerdon — because one day Christmas will come.

cinerius —because I am enjoying this Megaten theme

Andrew Powers — for using his powers to bring about the Christmas Age

LinksTwitch — for ALMOST getting there

Sean Huber — for the new face of Christmas

SteveofWarr — though it’s not a game shot, I felt this warranted display

HarvesterZERO —help him guide your flay tonight

Mrichston — this one’s just really attractive

cecil_banon — though I’ve a feeling we’ll be getting the same thing for Christmas next year

uscg_pa — I would pay a lot of money to play this

Taurenrider the Chip Guy — for the Millennium Reindeer

Grayson Wendell — for the happiest Metroid level ever

sillstaw — for making the trees out of boxes instead of just putting them under it

kyxsune —because I would still pay a lot of money to play this

sciteach — for the dog in the hat, really

MrDeadScott — for the dog in the hat, really

And of course...

Gorillanator for the win!

Join us later today for an all-new ‘Shop Contest that might not be Christmas related.


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