So the latest Star Wars game has made tea-bagging Darth Vader’s smug Jedi son’s face an international sport. There are worse fates than tea-bagging, young Skywalker. Let us show you.

Why, he could be a guest star in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for example. Or maybe he’s stuck in some horrible, inescapable limbo.


And while we here at Kotaku really love Delaware and hope they can take a joke, what we don’t love is seeing one of our childhood heroes at his lowest.

So let’s put Luke Skywalker into (PG-13) situations that would make him beg for a squadron of sweaty snowtroopers to come tromping by. Here, use this:


He’s transparent, he seems upset—you’re halfway there. See if you can make it the rest of the way by next Saturday.

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