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Friday we got hold of a schematic, and working off that, developed a mockup of the hotly anticipated Nintendo 3DS. Many Bothan spies died to bring you that information. Now we expect you to make a joke of it.


Some already got a head start on this week's obvious no-brainer of a 'Shop Contest subject - posting their own revisions, some serious, some hilarious - in comment threads on the device. Good news, everyone! They're eligible here, too. So are completely ridiculous takes, if you are so inclined. Jam a MotionPlus attachment on it, connect it to a Virtual Boy facemask, combine it with a waffle iron - you've got a brain in your head and Photoshop on your desk and any choice you make will sure be the best.

Sourge Image: Kotaku's Mock-Up of the Nintendo 3DS, by Mike Fahey


Now, unlike the last two weeks, I expect zero bitching about this week's snowbird layup of a challenge. You know the routine: Post your submissions in the comments, and next week I'll pick the 20 best and round them up. I expect to have to make hard choices people. Start 'Shopping!

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