Google's playable doodle acknowledging Pac-Man's 30th birthday on Friday created quite a stir. The game is still on the Google front through the weekend, but that got me wondering: What about future game anniversaries?

What about Tetris? What about Super Mario Bros? And those are just the reasonable ones. How will Google acknowledge the 30th anniversary of the beginning of development on Duke Nukem Forever? The 30th anniversary of Project $10? Of the firing of Vince and Jason?


That's where you come in, fair readers.

Source Image: Hi-res Google logo.

Source Image: Google's Pac-Man Doodle.

Source Page: Google's Doodle archive.

Source Note: Google's typeface is based on Catull.

Sure, this one's a bit open ended, but you're all creative people. You don't have to pop a video game into the Google logo either, you could stick the logo somewhere in a game. Or you could desaturate everything, douse it in fog and throw a flashlight on it. Boom, you just Alan Wake-ified the Google logo. So if you're going for something serious, be novel with it. And if you're trying to riff on a game, just be witty.

Remember, post your submissions in the comments below. It's a sure way to get yourself promoted and approved. I'll round up the 20 best in a gallery next Saturday. Happy 'Shopping!

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