Last week I asked our Photoshop-savvy readers to give us a video game fashion model who could give Final Fantasy’s Lightning a run for her money. Our winner gives her a run for her monkey. I am so sorry.

Let me make it up for you by establishing a school to teach children to collect bananas good and do other things good. Or maybe I’ll just congratulate Desiner on their landslide victory. I went through each and ever entry, one-by-one, and when I got to this one my wife nearly peed herself.

For those of you unfamiliar with what the winning image is referencing, here are a few of this week’s other entries to help clear things up.

From FlyingGiraffe:


That help? How about this one from Doctor Nein:

If you’ve not got it by now you really should see Zoolander. I really hated the idea of the movie at first, but when you finally watch it the effect is intoxicating. It hypnotizes you with stupid.


As I did last week, I’m keeping the runners-up list small for sanity’s sake. Be sure to check back with the original post to see all of this week’s wonderful work.

The Top Two Through Eleven Entries In No Particular Order


My other car was the other woman touches on a subject near and dear to my beard’s heart. It totally has a heart. Shutup.

sciteach made me look up Elie Saab Le Parfum.


Screw you for putting this image in my head, Velduanga.

At Risk Asterix made me giggle all day with this one.


Polyninja really came close with this bit of perfection.

Several folks did male Shepard model Mark Vanderloo, but no one did it as perfectly as The Dude.


Kingdom Xathers broke his silence with a character that’s relatively obscure but positively perfect.


Brikbraker created his own fragrance to model.

Chrury Sanson made us miss Nintendo Power all over again.


TGS1985 pleases both classic gamers and jaundice fetishists.

If your entry didn’t make the cut, it’s quite likely I hmmed and hawwed over it for a couple hours, because there was a lot of it this time around.

Join us back here tomorrow, where there will be a fresh topic and new beginnings for us all.


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