Last week's discovery of the for-some-reason-fabled E.T. landfill was so exciting I completely forgot it happened. Imagine my surprise as I prepare to post the winners of last week's 'Shop Contest and discover 20 million entries based on the subject. Luckily for my sanity, there can be only a couple dozen.

This week's overall winner by a landslide of little clicky stars — not how I normally judge, but it seemed appropriate for this one — is Kcity's complete reversal of concept.

I'd like to think that somewhere, on a distant alien planet, there is an alien version of me sitting in front of his computer, surfing alien porn instead of doing his work.

Never Google alien porn. Wow. That was a huge mistake.

I shall now cleanse my mind of what I've just seen with the runners-up, a glorious cavalcade of the good kind of dirty pictures.

JAMS — For being incredibly subtle.

ahoihoi — for wishful thinking.

sciteach — for the memories.

Nude_Eskimo — because Boba Fett was delicious.

halfbeast — for the minerals.

Metalive — because we pretty much had to.

arniejolt — for breaking more of the bad.

Brandon0151 — for easy pickings.

Orionsangel — For making everyone cry.

Bwgmon — because I wish.

Mike Irizari — for high-priced artwork.

Petethepanda — for the poor, neglected Ouya.

0035 — for the Coulson. Always the Coulson.

JustWaitingForAMate — for the redistricting.

uscg_pa — for the little silhouette-a of an alien.

GiantBoyDetective — for keeping it indie.

Bebop — because there's still no life on Mars.

Rickalicious — because I had wondered where they'd gotten off to.

Contrarianator — because celebration was in order.

Nude_Eskimo — because I don't usually pick two from one person.

curugon — because now I have the feels.

shmuga9 — because all the anger.

MrDeadScott — because I did hear that.

NellChan — because I'd love to dig those up.

mazster — for the grail!

zombieappreciation — for being all sketchy.

kflebeda — because that's the best word ever.

Velthaertirden - CONFIRMED

JeffshouldBhere — because of course that's where it is.

Marusame — for the ponies, of course.

Chaos440 — hahahahahahahaha.

AnnaMayBelle — for urban legend-ception.

SubieRoo — because we loved you, Bob Hoskins.

ilinus — for slipping the tongue in there.

And that's all, folks! If your entry didn't make the cut, it doesn't mean it wasn't good — it just means there were a whole hell of a lot of entries.


Join us tomorrow morning for the next installment of the Kotaku 'Shop Contest — it'll be far out.