I know it feels like we’re piling up on Trump a little today, but in a Photoshop contest about a Pokemon that can copy anything, lharm explained so much with a single image it had to win.

As many readers pointed out, the Ditto that’s been delighting and creeping out Pokemon fans and appearing on an increasing amount of official merchandise is actually a singular creature for one episode of the animated series. Other Ditto can copy their targets completely. By the end of the episode, this particular one could as well.

But it’s much more fun to imagine an entire race of creatures that could almost exactly duplicate other people and things, moving about a not particularly perceptive society that doesn’t notice the dotted eyes the telltale signs.

I also like to imagine the hair ditto and the Trump ditto are in love.

The rest of this week’s winners look just like this one, only slightly different. Let’s look!


Ditto Winner Ditto

First up, a pair of of improvements to my face, courtesy of sciteach and Dedwan respectively.


Dedwan suggests the real me was replaced with a Ditto, explaining the lack of glasses and beard, but that’s preposterous and he will be assimilated.


Brandon0151 completely nailed Owen Good’s dark secret though.

It took me a minute to get why Also_Ran did this. Ditto.


Ginger Snap gets a pass this time, but next time they’ll have to actually edit the picture.

Out of character, you say? Velduanga knows why.


Exactly the nightmares I was imagining, Wormri.

Cartoonivore share a fun fact: Adults like to play with Pokemon too!


Milligan helps explain why the girls’ voices changed for the new show.

Fizziks imparts an emotional range to Superman that Henry Cavill couldn’t hope to achieve.


Darth Sunshine is killing it with this joke.


No, MrDeadScott. Just no.

Somehow Mrichston made Jack Nicholson less terrifying here.


Stéphano Wallace ruins everything forever.

Kurohei crosses the streams.


Everything seems normal here, Arch Duke Maxyenko.

From Doctor Nein comes Terminator 2: Ditto Day.


Kampfer91 recruits an aging Clone Trooper.

Hotpockethero presents a Ditto that made really bad choices.

And finally our winner, Iharm, free of silly text bits.


If you didn’t show up in the winners’ circle this week worry not—I had to limit myself to 20, and though I love you all, you are more than 20.

Come back tomorrow, when I magically come up with a’Shop Contest idea you cannot possibly insert Donald Trump into.