Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Civil Skirmish

Sure we’re dealing with some super-powered being sand Spider-Man isn’t in the art to represent Team Tony, but this is hardly a war. If they want a war, we’ll give them a war.

Captain America: Civil War arrives in my brain this Thursday night, taking the massive Marvel Comics event I didn’t like and whittling it down to a more managably-sized movie that I’m hoping I do.


Still these teams seem kind of skimpy for a war. More of a gang fight. It’s the superhero version of those news team fights from the Ron Burgundy movies, only with less people.

So add Ron Burgundy. Or some actual soldiers. Maybe someone from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, whenever we find out that’s officially a thing. Which team would Batman be on? What about Gizmoduck? The Big Bad BeetleBorgs? The sky is the limit here, folks. Well, the sky and the size of these images I’d like you all to work with.


Pick a side, and then make it better than the other side. You have until Saturday, at which time I will sit here giggling while going through entries for so long the actual results post doesn’t appear until Sunday morning.

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