After Microsoft showed us what Minecraft might look like enhanced by its futuristic Hololens technology, I asked our 'shop-savvy readers to show us what would really be behind that shattered wall. They delivered. Big time.

Wow, what a contest this was. So many entries. So many duplicate entries. Seems people enjoy The Shining, Attack on Titan, Windows errors, The Wizard of Oz, Half-Life 3, sexy Bill Gates and Gabe Newell a whole lot. Unfortunately there can be only one winner, and while a certain Kool-Aid man came very close, Kuroyuki was the fastest on the draw with the best possibile answer to the posed question. It's only a matter of time.


Don't like my pick? Choose your favorite from this week's massive pool of runners-up!

This Week's Massive Pool Of Runners-Up

Rick0413 — for the A-Ha moment I was waiting for.

BreenJones — for Arrested Reality.

Cartoonivore — for making no one pay attention to this guy.

mikedizzle — for the magical wall turkey of health.

Zabby — for my second-favorite Notch reference.

PCiTEK — for the portal to Lorule.

SlowJoe — for all the Minesweeper fans out there.

Vinculus — for the future of Narnia and Lion Jesus.

Vkoslak — for the Doctor Who reference I was also waiting for.

stillsaw — for the Hole in the Wall in the hole in the wall.

Zabexia — for thinking outside the hole in the wall.

Willware — because bombs will do that.

codexcdm — for the first of the countless The Shining entries I saw.

Brijesha — for Holotrekception.

Nuzzle — for being aware of Being John Malkovich.

Atomrocker — for oh shit.

rknight718 — because I did not expect this. Who would?

ImmaLion — for our Gates-way to sexy times.

discoron77 — for bringing us full circle.

l2dusk — for the BAM.

karnie — so that's where those light cycles went.

Robcanvas — for at least letting us know they're still alive, somewhere.

Flynn — oh god.

OthmanArnaout — because this would be lovely.

vinuraba — for my first favorite Notch reference.

SecretAsianMan — because wallpaper. Get it? Wallpaper!

toolsoldier — for demonstrating why Nintendo games will never show up on Microsoft's platforms.

bigmanfontu — for OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE.

HyruleWorriers — see? There was nothing to worry about after all.

ceptri — because poor, poor virtual Milo.

modestlaw — because augmented reality always works.

secondOption — for the second Star Trek option.

HarvesterZERO — for leaving us plenty of Headroom.

Brandon0151 — for obvious reasons.

FresnoKila — because this prety much was a given.

Clutchy — for making hologram technology ten times more expensive.

KBABZ — because this will not end well.

The Real Kanra — because WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Conker the Squirrel — for the harrowing tale of personal loss.

sciteach — for continuing to teach, even during 'Shop Contests.

FHXReaper — because it had to go somewhere.

Ihsus — for getting us there.

Mermantis — for bringing it all screaming back to me.

uscg_pa — and thanks for all the fish.

Phillip — becuase in the future, walls will be monetized.

Orionsangel — for dueling Capone references.

RhinoskinnedPlatypus — if only to point out that you do not do this. Ever.

torquemadaza — because this is actually a pretty awesome idea.

Clenchmask — fuck you, sir.

Velduanga — for sweet freedom.

PositiveDrinking — for making me miss screensavers.

Marusame — because this is just so much fun.

Tom Bomb — for one of my favorite movies of all-time.

Exile — because I love this image.

pottman — because they will never stop breaking down his shitty wall.

greatpaperclip — for the most likely use of this technology.

Brent — for my favorite Attack on Titan entry. This is Attack on Titan, right?

KIREEK — for making me sit here and worry about my choice for half a day.

And finally...

Kuroyuki — for the win.

That decision sucked. Stop doing that to me, people. Later today I'll be posting the latest 'Shop Contest, and I want a dozen shitty entries and one amazing one.