Earlier this month we found out that M-rated action star Bayonetta would be one of the final competitors added to Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. I asked our image-manipulating community to put her in all the games. They did not disappoint.

We had many outstanding entries, though several of them wound up disqualified. My exact words were “ something recognizable as Bayonetta is in some sort of video game”, so if you went with a movie or historical photo or bucket of chicken, great job! Also, bad job. I love you all, but guidelines are there to guide and be lines.


My favorite game-themed entry comes from good old Sillstaw, who did something naughty to a piece of classic edutainment. I’ve a feeling young boys and girls would have looked much harder for this version.

Possibly a controversial choice, but I am an old man. So old.

This Week’s Also Winners

Frol — for the logical choice.

Ginger Snap— for the one you can import from Play-Asia

Linkstwitch — for a tall drink of water

Cosmo — though I can’t see that working out the way they hope

Cerb — because I don’t think anyone would mind this Yoko

Darkon76 — because of all these damn Fire Emblem characters

00thestonecreek — for better Mario motivation

s8th — for blurrying out the naughty bits

v-ufo— because I laughed so hard

kyo hamashi — because I think we need this

daisyage1977 — because there are less appropriate games for her to be in

Ls71ob —because I cannot stress enough how much I want this

joeyt045 —because this seems like the right place

unbanned — for becoming legend

Morton — for letting Bayonetta tell Her Story

Spencer — just to make us all feel sad

Michael Savich — because she would wreck that town so bad

SonicBoom — because this is an appropriate crossover

Mrichston —another pairing I’d like to see

Merylas —feels inevitable

Animoo — because we like to pretend this was a much better game

Spencer — because we’re only allowing one of these.

MrDeadScott — awww, she’s no replacement

omeanizot — best use of mech outfit

Jafar — because it is the CUTEST THING EVER

DistractedObserver — for the pixel-netta alone

Tamales Y Atole — best use of alt-costume

uscg_pa — well if the pose fits...

Berfince — because bullet boots, bullet heels, what’s the difference?

togovero — because she is pretty toasty

kyxsune — once again, someone make this game

TGS1985 — okay, I’ll allow two of these

discoron77 — there’s just something about a woman playing ping pong with her feet

Spencer — this combo also works, though not quite as well.

And of course...

sillstaw for thewin!

That’s it, the final regular Kotaku ‘Shop Contest of 2015! Note that I said regular. You old schoolers know what comes next. Tune in tomorrow!


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