The mystery of Helix has been solved. Nintendo claims he was created in a lab but Kotaku’s ‘Shop contestants know better.

This contest was intended to the ongoing debate around whether ARMS’ Helix is totally rad or actually a creep. Jabberwocky’s entry transcended the question entirely. Helix might not be a real human being, but he is definitely of a human being, and perhaps that’s what’s so unnerving about him. His nature being not entirely defined, he sits boxing in ARMS’ coliseum strattling two different worlds, neither of which completely accepts him.

Also who doesn’t dig a solid booger joke?

Commenter Supercalifragilistic Mystic’s entries were a close second, and showed the Helix dichotomy at its most stark:

He was the best of blobs he was the worst of blobs.

The rest of your wonderful entries are below. Because of the holiday weekend, and the fact that I’m posting this a day late, next week’s ‘Shop Contest will go up tomorrow, so make sure to check back then for our next absurd undertaking together.

Mrichston “Who would be better to make a case... Objection!”

Curugon “If you want the fucking part, earn it!”

sciteach with the original wrecking ball.

Mortal Dictata reminisces about the old days.

I’ll let IRarelyComment explain the thought process “I went back and forth on it, haha. It was much more grim before I added the arms in”

Bob Magana “Paint me like one of your arms characters.”

Green Monkie “Fits right in with the classic fighters!”

Arayne nails it.

amazingmao “Obviously.”

theomeganerd “Helix confirmed for Brütal Legend 2.”

Shilohx88 writes “It Came from Planet Funkotron” and admits they’re not proud of what they’ve done.

amb “Oh Frank, you are absolutely right, this is boat music. And I am learning some amazing new moves from this guy!”

Hollow_Log gives us a glimpse of the Helix training montage.

And Gonza takes us to the Helix jam.

Duck45 makes the case for Helix’s Pokemon ancestry.

Wiegraf “I call it Catherine ‘Loving ARMS’ Deluxe Edition.”

BombyxMori “Well worth making a burner for, I think you’ll agree.”

graham2k has Helix looking rough in the big apple.

D1ngus with the anime battle royale we don’t deserve.

channooo finds someone creepier than Helix.

RagnaTheGrey answers Captain Falcon’s age old request.

Finally, silver6kraid goes for the Family Guy deep cut (I feel old now).