The triumphant return of the ‘Shop Contest brought many entries, but the capricious soul of victory chooses the best of the best!

Thanks to everyone who spent the last week making images of amiibos. I don’t own any of those fun little toys, but I would be more likely to buy them if they were in the flavors that the Kotaku comments section produces.

Our winner this week is CloakerJosh, who rightly pointed out that there is a shocking lack of lawyer power in the amiibo world.

There are quite a few people who made images that I laughed out loud at, and that means that they get the wonderful superlative of honorable mention:


Bob showed us that life finds a way (to play with amiibos).

Bring Back Duckman! created amiibos of every member of Reel Big Fish. Use the original lineup while playing Breath of the Wild to turn Link’s ocarina into a trumpet.


S1D showed us what Valve’s been working on.


Wiegraf created an amiibo whose dad owns this entire camp!

cecil_banon clearly played to my desires and was rewarded for it.


rogueIndy went deep into Kotaku’s past to generate an amiibo only for the most committed fans.