I just cannot tell. I think this is the winner of last week’s bear mask Photoshop contest, but I’ve seen such horrors. Such maddening horrors.

The picture above wasn’t technically Ozimov’s main entry, but I feel as if his take on one of the strangest moments from The Shining is a great deal more horrifying that a bunch of Ewoks.

Plus he’s worked in sad Luke from the contest prior, so those bonus points put him over the top in terms of my arbitrary and possibly imaginary point system.

So Ozimov is this week’s winner, though it was an incredibly close competition. I really loved Orionsangel’s Star Trek entry:


And Gorrilanator met an unbearable fate when he made this one:


Gene Jacket’s entry hit a little too close to home:

So many excellent entries this week.

And by excellent I mean terrifying.

It Gets Worse


I told you it got worse. This one’s from The Dude.

braydenator23 brings back the Super Bowl Shuffle in the worst way.


sciteach should probably not be teaching children after making this.

Also_Ran keeps the horror regional.


xstationcubed took things too far.

uscg_pa takes things just far enough.


MrDeadScott makes me want to set my Animal Crossing town on fire.

Milligan takes a more direct route to The Shining.


Flawed_Logic’s obsession with Owen Good is pretty terrifying.

Aw, it’s SuperTed. Thanks, Sillstaw! I feel much better now.


I decided to go with Pewds, Doctor Nein.

Velduanga ruins everything.


Perhaps the knights would have been more fearful had My Little Metroid had their way.

Brikbraker possesses magic sunglasses. I’d get rid of them.


Zhesty taps into my childhood Muppet nightmares.

discoron77 is somewhere deep in bear country.


Mrichston ponders what would have happened if Bruce Wayne saw bears instead.

Another game forever ruined by Spaceludes.


There’d be no sequel if Dechta were in charge.

ikea-monkey makes things worse.


Milkshakes actually improved the Teletubbies somehow.

Awww, he’s part of a group now, thanks to Lecter.


This is not how you improve fortune cookies, Link2434.

So much worse in motion, Mat.


Aww, it’s Corduroy. So cute, My other car was the other woman.

Now I am officially scared, Urfarkendarb.


And then Kazooie started eating through Clokie’s version of Banjo’s neck.

And so, while Ozimov may be the overall winner with his masterpiece...


...I think it’s safe to say we all lose in the end, and the nightmares win.

Sleep well, children.

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