The ‘Shop Contest is back, and the first one in a few months is now complete. Unfortunately, the results have shattered my confidence in Super Mario Odyssey unless it gets some standalone DLC devoted to just how weird Mario and Cappy can get.

But congrats to this week’s winner: Pleasance13. Maybe if Mario finally possessed the developers over at Square we could get Kingdom Hearts III to come out in my lifetime? Some entries are really funny. Others are very well executed. This one just looked flat out real. Are you listening Tetsuya Nomura? The people have spoken and they want a three-way crossover.


I mean, after all, Cloud is in Kingdom Hearts and Smash Bros. Wii U. That makes Mario and Sora practically brothers. Anyway, there were a few honorable mentions this week as well.

LCLCola reminds us who it was that taught Mario it was alright to be weird.

Pleasance13 said they were just being topical but also this made me laugh out loud.

Slicetoast with an entry that shook me to my existential core.

And finally Also_Ran is anything but an also-ran with this (very literal) interpretation of the contest’s name.

And here’s to a wonderful effort by everyone else (how could I let the ‘Shop Contest go on such a long hiatus again after all these rad entries?)

Mrichston “All mushrooms and no cake makes Mario a crazy man.”

amazingmao “The pun practically made itself!”

Chrury Sanson “Because you asked.”

rogueIndy “Don’t worry, I’m not very good at Photoshop either :P” Aww, too kind Rogue!

ff3 “Super Honda Odyssey?”

Cecil_banon “Its probably been done. But its been stuck in my head since that trailer.”

Green Monkie “The only thing I see in this scenario.”

I’m ashmaed to admit it but I don’t know what this is from Ganonthegreat1

Amazingmao nails it.

According to ClickToEnlarge turns out Mario was the villain all along.

Does Cartoonivore know I hate horror?

This by Curugon is also gross but check that mirror.

Xstationcubed spawning an endless supply of “too many Marios” memes.

Thanks to Zombie711 Mario can finally put all that Smash Bros. practice to work.

Sciteach let’s Mario be the pop star he always wanted to be.

I really miss The Office a lot. Thanks a lot Zombie711!

Thanks again to everyone for making this latest contest resounding success and come back tomorrow to checkout next week’s theme.