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Kotaku Programming Reminder: Talk Live With Scribblenauts' Jeremiah Slaczka On Wednesday

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Programming Reminder: Talk Live With Scribblenauts Jeremiah Slaczka On Wednesday

As noted yesterday, Jeremiah Slaczka, lead designer of 2009 DS surprise Scribblenauts will guest-host tomorrow's live Kotaku call-in podcast. Show time's 11am MT, 1pm ET. Call-in and listening details will be live on the site just before show time.


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I can actually listen live for once! I've been wanting Scribblenauts for Christmas, and even though I've heard the controls aren't that good, I'm still excited to play it! Will this be the last show of the year, and the last one before KTR moves into the swanky CBS studios?