Kotaku Podcast: The Drinking Game!

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In this month's in-game podcast Mike McWhertor, Mike Fahey, Adam Barenblat and I are joined by our Kotaku Editor for a day winner in Grand Theft Auto IV.


During this episode we talk about politics, furry hatred, upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV DLC The Lost and Damned and why we're trying to come up with a new one to write previews for Kotaku.


Oh and there's a neat little drinking game too. Warning! Don't drive after watching this podcast.

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Great podcast again, but it's too long for me. If I was playing with you guys in game, I wouldn't mind it, nor being off-topic, or not talking at all while concentrating on the game. It is really hard to pull off Emmy-winning journalism, and dominate the competition in Deathmatch!

I'm probably a lot like Russ, not wanting to talk much, but rather just enjoy the game! Way to represent for Kotaku's audience!

Also, I don't drink, and I don't plan ever to drink in my lifetime, but if I did, and I played this "uh/um" drinking game, I would most likely be dead now! So, technically, I would be a martyr for Kotaku!!