Kotaku Originals: Tasteless Choice

Leipzig lizards, Daddy Warbucks! A 9/11 skin on Space Invaders got MSM attention for Games Convention '08 alright, perhaps not in the way anyone other than the exhibit's creator had hoped. Kotaku's Michael McWhertor spotted it on Wednesday, snapped a pic and then later hands on with the exhibit. But his snapshot went global nookular instantly. After the New York Daily News ran it, with predictably insulted react from 9/11 survivors, Taito got on the ball and postured about legal action, although since it can be argued it's an interactive art exhibit, fair use defenses may protect the creator. Either way, it was a sweeping curveball among all the heavily anticipated news that pours out of this kind of get together. Mike and Fahey (and Mike Fahey) led the attack and they're still up against it today and tomorrow. Show them some love in the comments and keep your eyes peeled for more GC '08 goodness. And wake up sheeple, 9/11 was an outer space job. Some highlights below. Full list on the jump. Also, special announcement. If you game on Madden 09 and want to participate in the Kotaku Football Conference online league, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow (Sunday) at 1 pm Crecente time (3 pm US Eastern, noon Pacific). I will be posting the league announcement with the password to join. There are 31 slots, I'm in and I already have the Chargers. The rest of the bids and the teams will be first come, first serve, so if this matters to you, tune in then. Space Invaders Attack World Trade Center At Games Convention] Killzone 2 Adds Multiplayer Bot Action Troubled Tecmo President Resigns! Japan Is TOTALLY Sold Out of Xbox 360s (New Shipment Next Month!) Bionic Commando Rearmed Review: Swing Low, Sweet Re-Release Team Fortress 2 Updates Coming To Xbox 360 Later This Year Madden ‘09 Review: It's Still a W in the Standings Pwn the Vote: Register to Vote on Your Xbox 360 Brian Bright On Guitar Hero: World Tour - We're Bringing ItRunes Of Magic - More Than A WoW Clone MadWorld Isn't Just About Throwing People Into Walls Of Spikes, Y'know It's Not Games Convention Until The Stripper-Mobile Arrives Heavy Rain: You're Soaking In it Too Human Review: Dyack's Human Too Dead Rising Wii - How Gimped It Is Taito Considering Legal Action Againt 9/11 Invader Artist Hands-On: Losing The Twin Towers With Invaders! Far Cry 2 Map Editor Makes Map Editing Easier inFamous - Sucker Punch's Electrical Outlet H.A.W.X. Aces Air Combat Sony Announces New PSP Wi-Fi Tie-Up Family of 9/11 Victims Tear into Space Invaders Exhibit Bayonetta Impressions: What Deadly Hair You Have! Only The Barbarian Will Return In Diablo III Radio Shack Confirms 360 Price Cuts? Wanna Play SOCOM At Games Convention? On Your Knees, Boy! Inside Out: The Pokemon Conundrum The House of the Dead Overkill Impressions Of Delicious Gore Beer Goes Well With Guitar Hero: World Tour Hands On With Street Fighter IV 360 MK vs. DC: Hands On With The Joker Web Of Shadows Hands On - Spider-Man Reborn Aion Booth Babe Feeling Blue Dark Void - Have Jetpack, Will Travel Lunchtime At Games Convention 2008 Naruto: Ultmate Ninja Storm Getting Day One DLC The Activision Presser, With Special Guest German Guy Sega Sexes Up Samba De Amigo For Games Convention Konami's GC 2008 Presser - Here's What Happened GDC Boss Jamil Moledina Resigns Age Of Conan Does Booth Babes Right Pure - But Slightly Censored - Bliss PS3 World Tour Rock Band Compatible Konami Sheds Light On Lords Of Shadow RB2: Drum Trainer, Battle of the Bands detailed PlayStation 3 160GB Model Coming To Europe Gary Oldman Answers Call of Duty Wonder Woman, Raiden Two Of Four New Kombatants EA Sports Adds Tennis To '09 Line Up, Snags Wimbledon Rights Frankenreview: Too Human Germany - Ich Leibe Es! iPhone Frogger Impressions SOCOM Confrontation Closed Beta Pics Nerf N-Strike – We Need More Games Like This Sim-splosion – EA Showcase 08 Henry Hattsworth and the Puzzling Adventure – Sit On It, Layton Games Convention 2008 - The Adventure Begins A Gallery of Madden Glitch Goodness

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