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This week, Totilo introduced the concept of a chaser, a fantastic idea. Follow an intense game with a 30 minute decompression of something light. Similarly, here's a week's news, soon to be followed by 48 hours of good times. Enjoy.


Reviews, Previews, Impressions and Hands-On
The Saboteur Impressions: It's Not Just Black And White
Axel & Pixel Micro-Review: A Puzzling Combination
No-Fail DJ Hero Is Easier And Harder Than Expected
Zombie Apocalypse Micro-Review: Paint the Town Red
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Preview: I'm A Total Space Case
Ju-on: The Grudge Review: Curse Of The Movie Game
Frankenreview: Brutal Legend
Divinity II: Ego Draconis Impressions: Morality Is For Lesser Mortals
Dark Void Preview: Learning To Fall With Style
Brutal Legend Review: Testing Its Metal
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Review: Boom Headshot!
NBA Live 10 Review: Amen for a Revival
NBA 2K10 Review: Ball, You - Man!

Romero's Slipgate Ironworks Hammered Down, MMO Project Still On
Come Party for Child's Play in Denver
Early Play on Illegit Forza, Borderlands Resulting in Permabans
Solution To Ubisoft Mystery Less Thrilling Than Surmised
Castlevania's Igarashi Involved In WiiWare Rebirth, Secret Stuff
Here's Why LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Needs Your Attention
Half-Minute Hero Review: A Good Risk
Who You Can Kill, Who You Can't [UPDATE]
Online Status Check: Uncharted 2: Among ThievesFive Things To Fill In Your Dark Void
What's Inside the Blood and Hair Pasted Box?
Take the National Guard on in Laser Tag at Modern Warfare 2 Premiere
Tecmo Koei Bringing Fist of North Star To PS3/Xbox 360
In PixelJunk Home, A Mix Of Flirting, Innuendo And... Success?
Rogue Warrior Gets A Different Kind Of Gaming Ad
The Awards We Don't Give
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Enters Fog Of Delay
Brutal Legends' Riggs Up Close and In Ceramic
iPhone Chart Toppers: Tap Tap Surprise


What Makes A Video Game Scary
Go Play Games With Earthquakes In Them
The Xbox Massage-Makers: Money, Sex Toys & Indie Backlash
Virtual Fashion: What They're Wearing In Uncharted 2


Notebook Dump: Missing High School
Old News '96: Nintendo Also Increasing Storage Capacity, Hopefully, Maybe
Stick Jockey: It's Not in the Game - Should it Be?

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