Kotaku Off Topic: We Are The Children

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Tonight's edition of Kotaku Off Topic might be heading to Web MD to see what that aggravating lingering pain might be in relation to. But not every discussion needs to be about self-diagnosis.


While I look in fear for confirmation that this is a possible kidney stone waiting to painfully work its way out of my system, feel free to talk about whatever you please. Movies, music, politics, fine arts, literature, the painful passing of stones, whatever you like... this Kotaku Off Topic is all yours.

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Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

OK, now that I feel all better tonight...

Let's go! #MusicMasters time! (Tuesday Edition, 2nd print) February 2nd, of this year of our Modern Era 2010!

We all have a rebel side to us, hidden deep within our hearts during childhood, and coming out full center and control in our adolescence, transforming our lives and how we think, until we reach adiumhood, which is when we become stagnant as a part-HTML Mac OS X IMChat application, destined to forever forward quick and funny messages to all supported clients. That, my friends, is what punk music is all about.

Punk is so diverse, how about let's share the music that represents our inner rebel inside? And yes, punk is VERY diverse, so you can post anything, from sad to glad, and rock to jazz and ska, even!

First up is "God Save the Queen," by the Sex Pistols.