Kotaku Off Topic: Unfollow

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A few things need to happen during tonight's edition of Kotaku Off Topic. One, I'm gonna need a drink, two, I'm going to need you guys to start taking charge of this off topic conversation.


Me? I'll be busy culling my Twitter feed. I've tried to be pretty selective about who I follow, largely for work, but in some circumstances to keep up with friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, I've found it increasingly intolerable to abide some Twitter user habits, whether they be overly grumpy, suffering from internet white knight syndrome, too fond of seeing themselves tweet inanities, or just exhibit diarrhea of the brain at 140 characters or less.

Oh, and the cops raided Gizmodo brethren Jason Chen's house and seized his computers this weekend. Not sure if you heard.

Also, you hear about this?


I love Pepper. So much. One of the 10 best songs from the 90s.