Immediately after I file this I'll be engaged in an epic beer pong duel, but we hit the ball with paddles, like a man. Not like all you "Beirut" playing weenises who have to throw it in the cup.

We also play with a rule modification that I hope catches on. We call it "The Rip Cord." Take a Dora the Explorer wax cup about half the diameter of a standard red Solo cup. Fill it with beer, and place it a quarter of the way up the right sideline. Any properly struck ball landing in that cup instantly wins the game, regardless of score. So in extreme emergency, you can always reach for the rip cord. A knock-down drag-out best of 13 series on Monday night concluded this way. Tonight, my side is thirsty for revenge.


With that in mind, here's your official off-topic thread for the evening, with a few headlines to stoke the discussion.

  • Burger King Explores Beer Sales - The fast food spot is looking at serving adult beverages, starting with a test location in Miami Beach. Because they need more drunk hipsters lounging about wearing paper crowns.
  • Last Call for Conan O'Brien - Tonight is the end of Conan O'Brien's seven months helming The Tonight Show, making him the George Lazenby of that franchise. Which makes Leno, what, Roger Moore? But Johnny, Johnny will always be Sean Connery.
  • Bargain Hunting for a Sheepskin - Kiplinger has released its annual list of the best values in public education among U.S. universities. The University of North Carolina is no surprise at No. 1. The University of Crecente is No. 8; Owen Good State U. is No. 10. Only one university not in a state bordering the Atlantic ocean is in the top 10, and that's the University of Washington.

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