Kotaku Off Topic: The After School Special

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Welcome to a time traveling edition of Kotaku Off Topic, a little late due to an appointment at Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where strategy games are made. Do you want to talk about strategy games? How about illicit drugs?

Because I can't talk about strategy games just yet. But I can tell you I was surprised to find some people I kind of sort of know in the most casual way possible the subject of a recent L.A. Times piece, one titled "Living On Black Tar Heroin." Pretty heavy. It always surprises me when people go for the hardest stuff. It's like they've never seen Trainspotting or an episode of Cops, two deterrents if I'm ever seen 'em.

Anyway, enough about illegal drug use. What do you want to talk about? It needn't be video game related. But it could be if you want it.


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Is anyone else surprised the Off Topic only has a handful of posts after being up for - what - an hour?

I'm not a fan of any drugs beyond the legal (and not even of some of those) - but I willfully admit I've been successfully subject to the American anti-drug campaign that's been going on since I was a little one.

I find drugs trashy, not edgy. Illegal ones. Not most of those that have been successfully inserted into our culture with excessively sunny images surrounding them.

It's 'normal.' So I dig.

Which is fairly twisted, by my view.

But regardless of reason, the counter drug culture happens to repulse me.