Well, I'm beat. All that Apple iPad anticipation and today's relaxing special event from Steve Jobs have made this editor ready and willing to hit the sack. Oh, but let's not talk about that Apple tablet right now.

Tonight's off-topic can be iPad free, if you want it. You're steering the ship while I hurry home to catch up on the sleep I missed while traveling to San Francisco. The highlight of my day, outside of going hands on with shiny new toys, was seeing many, many businessmen curled up in the fetal position at LAX at 4:30 AM. The lowlight was being blindsided by a drooling nap on my return flight. (I prefer my sleep in private.)

Feel free to tell us about your own sleep quirks in this edition of Kotaku Off Topic. Or give us your thoughts on tonight's State of the Union address. Or, if you must, get some iPad things off your chest. Your call!