Kotaku Off Topic: Spoiler Free Zone

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Having spent all day playing video games and posting about them, a break, in which we can talk about things that aren't video games, is welcome.


Now, one thing I can't talk about is Lost. I haven't seen the final two episodes and am trying to stay away from spoilers. I've just been a little too busy with Kotaku work, playing Red Dead Redemption (which I thought would be over by now!) and working on things related to E3 that aren't for Kotaku. Fortunately, burying one's nose in a game like Red Dead Redemption and staying off Twitter and Facebook makes spoilers a little easier to avoid.

How are you avoiding spoilers today—if you are, that is—and how was your weekend? Let us know what's happening in the comments.


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Heck I'll give it its own post.

I linked this the other day though I'm not sure how many folks saw it:


bunch of concept art, 3D assets, etc for a ton of games. I can spot Red Faction and Dragon Age off the bat, obviously the above is for Infamous. Hellgate one is made a bit too easy by the logo.

One of them might be for sonic, I'm not too sure (oh one is fairly NSFW)

Not had a chance to go through all the concept art, but some nice finds. Maybe some to inspire you with the tool below.