Kotaku Off Topic: Shrimp Fest

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Another Monday almost over, another Kotaku Off Topic in which to vent one's spleen, celebrate Mondays, seek a home remedy for a case of the Mondays or just chat about any number of not-necessarily video game-related things.


Things like Star Wars, a topic upon which I've been obsessing lately. I've been watching the making of documentary that shipped with the DVD release from a few years ago, fascinating stuff for the fan regularly rewriting the prequels in his head to match expectations. You wanna talk about Star Wars? Go ahead.

And for the hardcore Kotaku Off Topic reader, an update on the egg vs. meatball food battle from Friday. Winner: neither. I enjoyed crayfish fritters and New Orleans-style shrimp and linguine instead.


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"Boy, am I glad I read very few superhero comic books anymore."

My thoughts exactly. Daken's just another character in the Dark Avengers... trying to read his own comic was fucking atrocious.

I definitely can't bring myself to read any non-Ennis Punisher, either.

Bleh @ superhero comics. They're a fun read but nothing more. This is why I just borrow them from the guy I know who's actually willing to spend money on them. I'd rather spend my money on something from Vertigo, Image, or someone else.