Kotaku Off-Topic: Ruh Roh, Mom's on Facebook

Well, the party's over. Mom joined Facebook this week, which means I officially have to dial it back and be nice, also sit up straight, ask to be excused, and not clack my teeth on the tines of my fork.


Mom did so reluctantly and only because a group she's involved in set up a Facebook page, and as the multimedia administrator, she's gotta be connected for that. Yeah, yeah, I know I can set up lists controlling who sees what. Just haven't gotten around to it.

And besides, Facebook is like its namesake, you're sort of writing in someone's high school annual. If you know your Mom's gonna read it, you're more likely to write nice things for posterity, rather than heat-of-the-moment rants about how everyone in your class sucks. And I need to do more of that anyway.


Here's some subjects for polite conversation:

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I just noticed that ever since my PS3 broke, I've been masturbating twice as many times as I normally do. Ugh.....

I need my PS3 back, because I hate when masturbation loses all its' fun...