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For the first time, I took my taxes to a paid preparer. First thing tomorrow morning I meet with them to approve the documents. The anxiety I feel is absolutely the same as my parents getting my report card.


Ordinarily I do my own taxes but because I'm filing in three different states for 2009, and two of them aren't real clear about how I apportion personal business income (and f—- if California thinks it's getting more than its cut of what I earned in January and February, which was peanuts), I figured I'd let a pro handle it. So far I've spent - I think - $300 to save $500, so I'm ahead. But then, I haven't seen my final state tax bill yet.

Anyway, it's one for you, nineteen for me in Kotaku Off-Topic. Feel free to rant about the Taxman, the following subjects, or any other that come to mind.

  • Ole Miss is holding a binding student committee vote to replace their Confederate colonel mascot. The leading candidate is said to be another rebel commander: Admiral Ackbar.
  • Ding dong, the Hummer's gone. A deal to sell off the mega-SUV brand to the Chinese fell apart and now it will be shut down altogether - a fate as ignominious as Oldsmobile's. Good riddance.
  • Conan O'Brien joins Twitter. It's a verified account, ladies and gentlemen, and in two hours it more than doubled the followers for Jay Leno's feed. Unless a lawyer's reviewing each Tweet, I predict a messy head-on smackup involving impulsive instapublishing and nondisparagement severance clause.
  • Some guy gets a tattoo of Ashton Kutcher's face on his arm. Nuff said.

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So any of you guys know anything about job interviews?

I'm about to reveal a lot about myself right now, but as long as I don't personally know any of you in real life, I'm ok with that.

So i got busted for theft last year, stupid shit and i regret it. Anyways, it was a class b misdemeanor(shoplifted more than 50, less than 500) and now im working on getting it dismissed, which should be by the end of the month once i do my community service. This is the only crime i have ever committed of officially and unofficially. I dont steal ever and I havent even been in a fight since 8th grade.(im 24 now).

Anywho, i got a job interview last week at this loan and cash advance place. i went, the manager liked me, she said she would do a background check and set up a second interview with the district manager. here we are this week and i got a call last night to have a second interview tomorrow.

Im perplexed. I have no idea what's going on. I dont know why theyre calling me back. Im not sure if they checked or not. Maybe theyre going to call me out on it tomorrow when im there. I was sure i was screwed. I dunno.

Any employers, lawyers, or just plain experience and/or educated people might giving me some perspective on this? I would appreciate it. I'm really nervous about tomorrow.