Welcome to a very serious edition of Kotaku Off Topic, one free from April Fools' Day pranks, mostly because it's March 31, damn it.

OK, that maybe wasn't true, because tonight's selection of links features at least two hoaxes, but they're things one should be aware of. This edition of Kotaku Off Topic also features the new Iron Man 2 poster that will be available at WonderCon, because it's a fun poster to look at. I mean, look at it. Keep looking. While the poster embiggens when clicked upon to a much larger size, we'd really like to know if anyone out there has it in, say, 2560x1440 resolution. Just curious. A friend of mine is a big Black Widow fan and he'd really appreciate it.


Anyway, speaking of WonderCon, anyone out there going to this weekend's geekfest in San Francisco?

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