Kotaku Off-Topic: Meat, The Final Frontier

Remember that one episode where Captain Kirk had to fight the man-bratwurst, and made his own horseradish sauce out of naturally occurring materials on an alien planet? Man, that was awesome.

Does it get any better than a replica of the starship Enterprise made of meat? What about a shoe made out of meat? Or better yet, a puppet house made of meat? I should probably stop before this gets out of hand.


Here's some stuff we aren't talking about that you probably should talk about:

  • Tony Stark runs into Justin Hammer at a party in this clip from Iron Man 2, with a special friend in tow.
  • They tell me a Cthulhu Bobble Head, available soon from Entertainment Earth, is completely off-topic, but I beg to differ. If we don't educate our children on the joy and laughter the elder gods can bring now, they'll grow up fearing the things that lurk deep beneath the ocean waiting to eat them.
  • How the hell did Bootsy Collins end up in an article titled "7 Celebrities That Are Fashionably Insane?" The only reason I don't dress like that is they stopped selling giant yellow top hats at Walmart. Wait, Bjork's in there too? Bjork isn't even human! There's no way she counts.

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