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Kotaku Off Topic: Life With Oprah Winfrey

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's Kotaku Off Topic. What we do here is talk about things that don't necessarily related to video games, but we also don't discriminate. On or off topic, the conversation is up to you.

One thing I'm curious about, however, is how many Kotaku Off Topic readers and commenters watched the North American airing of the BBC nature documentary Life, the successor to the brilliant Planet Earth. Me? I didn't watch it yet, for many reasons—no cable television, preference to watch it at Blu-ray resolutions/without commercial interruption, out of respect for David Attenborough. But did you? Tell us what you thought.

Also, anybody reading Kotaku Off Topic have a quality condition copy of Nintendo Power #2 from Sept-Oct 1988? Let me know!! Seriously.