Kotaku Off Topic: Jigga Hirst

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Kotaku's first night in Las Vegas for this week's Consumer Electronics Show—aka CES—has delayed the second night of Kotaku Off Topic. But we are determined to make the nightly TAY alternative a success.

Wait. What is Off Topic again? Well, it's not really about video games, but it's open to video game discussion. It's an end of day link dump, a nightly open thread for us to share the best and worst of the web, hopefully just a step or two away from the expected area of coverage. We give you links and potentially interesting topics of discussion from technology, science, science-fiction, general geekdom, politics, or whatever and you, hopefully, do the same. Cool? Cool.

While we settle in here at the lovely Flamingo hotel and casino (Old Man Crecente's already in his PJs!) we're hoping you will enjoy an evening discussion about the fine arts. To start it off, I enjoy the works of Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. Quite a lot, thank you very much. But it was maybe the work of Pierre Huyghe that made the biggest impression on me this decade. Hey, I don't get out much!


Here's what I have been reading/watching/enjoying over the past few days.

What about you?

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