Kotaku Off-Topic: Hooray, It's Not Father's Day

Yesterday I said that - and not for the usual reasons - when Mom told me my card to Dad was not customarily late but spoiler-alert early.

When the hell is Father's Day? Tomorrow's the second Sunday of June. I thought that was the deal, you got the first Sunday to go "Oh, shit, Father's Day's coming," and then another week to plan your excuse for why you are a disappointment to your family.


Not that I'm complaining. This gives me time to scarf up some E3 shit and mail it home and pretend like I bought it. Here Dad, have a ... Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 tote bag. But there will always be three annual celebrations whose ordination remains a complete and total mystery to me: Easter, Father's Day, and Lobsterfest.

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