Kotaku Off Topic: Happy America

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Man, who could use a little independence? Good thing this pre-Fourth of July edition of Kotaku Off Topic is now serving up all you can eat American pride! Let's fatten up on some patriotism!


Hey, when did Captain America start carrying a gun? Nevermind. That's kind of a silly question. A better question is: what are you doing with your extended weekend if you have one? Just how many pounds of meat do you plan on grilling over a patriotic gas or charcoal powered flame this Sunday?

And what are the rest of our non-American, fireworks-hating friends doing?

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Well, instead of grossing people out or posting something ruh-tarded, let's get serious for a minute here.

Two questions for the older crowd(but everyone please share no matter what age.)

A lot of dudes probably will feel uncomfortable with these questions, but I really want to know.

1. Is it true that you will always remember your first love?

2. Is it true that you will always remember the person who took your virginity? Or the person whose virginity you took?

....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!